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Play Backgammon for free. The software is downloadable and has a chat feature included when playing against other players. Tournaments can also be played for Fun. To start playing simply download and open a new table or join a table.

History of Backgammon

Backgammon is the oldest known recorded game in man's history. It is widely believed that the origin of the game was in Mesopotamia in the ancient Persian Empire, modern day Iran , Iraq and East Syria. The game was played on wooden boards as the table, stones as men or stones, and numbered dice made from bones , stones, wood and pottery.

The game had different names in different countries:
Italy -Tavola Reale
Spain -Tables Reales
Greece -Tavli
Turkey -Tavla
France -Tric Trac
Britain -Backgammon
Germany -Puff
Czech -Vrhcaby
China -Swan-liu
Japan- Sugoroko

The English did a bit of traveling during the Crusades and brought back a version called "The Codex Exoniensis" in 1025 AD. "These two shall sit at Tables..." and so on and so forth until the game was replaced by Chess in the Fifteenth century.
In 1743 an Englishman called Edmond Hoyle documented and standardised the rules of the game.

In the 1970s, the "little battle" found its playground again. And we're certain that the new Millennium will bring a whole new generation back to its future.

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